How were Lazees developed?

Because the bow at my shoes was always disturbing me, i've had a rough idea of Lazees for a while. One Sunday morning I woke up early and was thinking about how it could be solved. While my wife was still asleep, I said to myself, I'm realizing this idea now. I sat down at the desk, made a few sketches and built the first prototype from the lids of beverage bottles the same day.
You can see the result here:
Then the drawings were converted into a 3D model, which was then printed in the 3D printer. This resulted in a series of 3D-printed prototypes, which were improved further and further.
Work in progress:
I was wearing Lazees a lot and tested them in real life.
Then, after a lot of testing and finally beeing satisfied with the result, it was time to look for producers. 
We are happy to have Meding GmbH ( as a strong partner in development and production.
The printing on the lazees is done by the company Knappe+Team GmbH - Im Prin(t)zip Druck (