- That's cool, why is there nothing like that before?
     o      No idea, but now we are here 😊
- Do Lazees fit all shoes?
     o      Basically yes. It depends on the laces - how long are they and do they fit completely into the Lazees, so that you can lace the shoes tight enough. But Lazees are build big enough to handle most laces.
- How big are Lazees? 
     o      Lazees have a diameter of 45mm on the printed surface, the height is 12mm.
- Are there different sizes?
     o      Not so far - the current size was chosen to fit as many shoes as possible. The laces need space when rolled up, which the current model offers. There will be other (smaller) sizes, but these will then only fit with certain (rather shorter) laces - but we will point this out and we are working to offer you these laces then also directly in the bundle.
- Are the Lazees for children's shoes possible?
     o      Theoretically yes, but we must honestly point out that a current Lazees model in its size on a children's shoe would look very strange or may even be disturbing. Therefore, we do not recommend it at the moment, but if you want, you are of course welcome to try it once and see if your child can cope with it. The laces, which would have to be in the Lazees, are usually not much shorter in children's shoes than in adult shoes. Therefore, it is not so easy to shrink the model. But wearing Lazees even with children shoes is possible:
- What are the designs?
     o      There are too many designs to describe here. Besides, the range is constantly expanding. Just click through the store 😉
- Can I upload my own picture and have it printed?
     o      We are working on offering you this service as soon as possible. At the moment we hope that you will find among the many available designs in our store.